What is Grapheme?

Grapheme is a graphical, data analysis and visualization software package designed for all users and industries but specifically for scientists and engineers. With Grapheme's easy-to-use workspace and Wizards there is no need to struggle with complex programming languages or equations to analyse your set of data. Once you import your data into a project, Grapheme helps you organize, analyse and visualise them.

Is Grapheme a spreadsheet?

Grapheme is an alternative to spreadsheets. Instead of defining data in cells that contain single values, Grapheme organises data in columns and tables. A Grapheme project can have multiple tables and you can operate on each table editing single values and defining arbitrary computed columns. Each table can have multiple views (i.e. dynamic filters) which you can dynamically create and edit via user-friendly Wizards also performing statistics and advanced visualisation tasks.

How many data can Grapheme handle?

Limits are given by hardware resources only. Grapheme has been designed to handle charts with several thousands of points and tables with millions of values on normal laptops. Of course, large data take longer to process but Grapheme handles sets of data that are too large for many other commercial solutions on the market.

How do I import data into Grapheme?

User-friendly Wizards help you importing data from different sources including flat ASCII files, comma or tab separated files (csv), Excel files, Matlab binary files, SQL databases such as MySQL, Firebird, Postgress, SqLite and many more.

How do I export plots?

You can save any chart in the most common image formats including *.bmp, *.png, *.jpg, *.tif.

Can I export raw data from Grapheme?

User-friendly Wizards help you exporting data stored in tables on different format including flat ASCII files, comma or tab separated files (csv).

Which plot templates does Grapheme have?

Grapheme offers interactive 2D and 3D charts including multiple lines, scatters, bars, pies, spiders, parallel axes, surfaces, bubbles, distribution and clustering. Point information can be accessed via tooltips on the fly. Zoom in/out and pan capabilities help you exploring existing series of data. Additionally you can customise and control almost every attribute of a plot including font size, line style, colors, transparency, shading and background.

Which Statistical Analyses does Grapheme have?

The Statistical Analysis module of Grapheme (available in the Professional and Enterprise versions) implements more than 25 statistical analysis procedures among which:descriptive, correlation, covariance, distribution fittings, normality test, T tests (one sample, paired and two samples), ANOVA, MANOVA and many more.

Which Six-Sigma Tools does Grapheme have?

The Statistical Analysis module of Grapheme (available in the Professional and Enterprise versions) implements specific Six-Sigma tools via user-friendly configuration Wizards, such as: Attribute Agreement Analysis, Capability Analysis, Gage and Bias Analysis, Process Control Analysis.

Which Regression and Clustering does Grapheme have?

Grapheme brings you first in class regression, trend-lines and regression algorithms, moving from polynomial regressions to user defined MSE expressions.
DBSCAN, Fuzzy K-Means and K-Means++ clustering algorithms are also available

Which Design of Experiments does Grapheme implement?

Grapheme implements first in class Design of Experiment allocation algorithms: Box Behnken, Cubic Face Centred, D-Optimal, Latin Cubes, Latin Squares, Montecarlo, Plucket Burman, Sobol and Taguchi

Which Response Surface methodologies does Grapheme implements?

The Response Surface Module (made available in the Professional and Enterprise versions) implements the state of the art in Response Surface Methodologies such as: K-Nearest, Kriging, Radial Basis Functions, Polynomial Expressions, User Defined Expressions and Neural Networks

System Requirements:

What are the Grapheme system requirements?

Grapheme has been fully tested on Windows 10, both 32 and 64 bits. It requires 250Mb of free disk space and a graphic card fully compatible with openGL-2. Memory usage largely depends on typical size of your projects but best performances are achieved with at least 512Mb of dedicated RAM memory.

Are Linux/Mac versions available on the market?

Not yet. We will release them depending on customers’ feedbacks.


I’ve downloaded the software. What’s next?

Grapheme is shipped as a single and stand-alone executable installer. Just double-click on the installer and follow provided instructions. Once installation has been completed, you will be asked to contact our license server to obtain your free demo license file.
We will optionally ask you a valid e-mail address to get in contact with you when major releases and product updates will be released.

What's the diffrence between the Standard and Professional editions of Grapheme?

  • The Standard version of Grapheme brings you full charting capabilities along with Statistical Analysis and Response Surface features at a very affordable price. This version is tailored for those personal users that need a professional and easy to-use data analysis and visualization tool.
  • The Professional version of Grapheme includes all the capabilities of the Standard edition plus the advanced data analysis and manipulation tools of the Taskflow data manipulation module and database connectors.
What's the diffrence between the Professional and the Enterprise editions of Grapheme?

The Enterprise and the Professional versions of Grapheme provide the same set of capabilities. However, the Enterprise version of Grapheme offers floating node licenses and enhanced support.


How do I submit general product queries?

If you haven’t purchased the software yet and you wish to contact us for additional information, please submit your queries at

How do I submit technical support queries?

If you have already purchased the software or if you have a demo license, please contact our support team at

What about technical support and updates?

When you purchase a machine locked license, you are entitled to perpetually use the current version of the software on the machine your license has been activated for.
This includes free updates and bug-fixes within the same version plus one year of first level support (via email at
If you opt for an annual leasing floating point license, you are entitled to use the software for one year from the last license renewal. You have access to updates, patches and bug fixes plus first level support (via email at as well as free upgrades to any forthcoming releases for all the duration of the license leasing period.


Is online purchase of the product safe?

Yes it is! iChrome is a consolidated and trustable engineering consulting company servicing leading aerospace and automotive firms all around Europe (visit us on Reputation and reliability are crucial to our business. This is why we operate at the highest security standards via PayPal and we commit to fully refund your purchase if you are not happy about the software within the first 15 days from your purchase.

I’ve placed an order. What’s next?

You should shortly receive an email from our sales team confirming your purchase has been completed. Within 48 hours from our confirmation, your license file will be automatically updated by Grapheme and you will be able to operate with the software without any disruption.

Will I receive a VAT invoice?

Would you need to receive a VAT invoice, please contact our sales team at We will be happy to collect few more information from you so as to send you a VAT invoice by email.

What is the difference between a machine locked and a floating point license?

When you purchase a machine locked license, you are granted perpetual right to install and use the current version of Grapheme on a single target machine inclusive of updates and patches. You won’t be able to install or use Grapheme from other machines.
If you lease a floating point license, you are entitled to run Grapheme from any machine within your organisation. Our floating point licenses are based on FlexNet Licensing from Flexera and you will need a FlexLm server running locally or remotely.

I cannot purchase floating node licenses over the web. Why?

As you have noticed, floating node licenses are leased on yearly basis and are intended for medium/large organisations. Before selling you a floating point license, we want to be sure this is exactly what you need. Also, price of floating point licenses may vary if you opt for multiple years plans or if you intend to buy more licenses. If you are interested to purchase floating node licenses, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and one of our Product Specialists will get in contact with you as soon as possible to help you selecting the best option.

I am an educational organisation; is there any discounted license plan?

If you are an educational or no-profit organisation you can benefit of our Academic Program (more information HERE) - please contact us via email at One of our Product Specialists will get in contact with you as soon as possible to explain you available options.


My one year Support is expired. How can I renew it?

To reinstall your support and maintenance plan you need to renew your license. This will also grant you access to the latest release version of Grapheme. Visit our renewal page for more information.

I changed my computer. What should I do to use Grapheme on the new machine?

Unfortunately you cannot move your Grapheme license from one machine to another and you need to renew or extend your license. Visit our renewal page for more information.

I have an old version of Grapheme. Can I update to the latest one?

If you have a floating license, you already have access to any new version of Grapheme within your annual leasing period. Simply download and install the latest version from our download page.

If you have a Standard edition of Grapheme, you will need to reinstall your support and maintenance plan. Visit our renewal page for more information.
If you have a Professional edition of Grapheme and you are within an year from your last purchase, simply download and install the latest official version. On the contrary if your purchase is more than one year old, you will need to reinstall your support and maintenance plan. Visit our renewal page for more information.

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