Grapheme - Intuitive and Powerful Data Visualization and Analysis tool

Grapheme brings you Advanced Data Filtering, Manipulation and Statistical Analysis capabilities along with Interactive and very Responsive Plotting functionalities which enable you exploring and understanding arbitrary complex and large sets of data

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With Grapheme there is no need to struggle with complex programming to analyse your set of data. Grapheme helps you organize, analyse and visualise them

Indexing and Statistical Panels

Grapheme brings you fully interactive and responsive charting capabilities

charts and tables are interconnected so that charts are updated every time data are filtered or changed

the Statistical module covers Descriptive analysis, T- and Z-Tests, Correlation, Covariance, ANOVA, MANOVA, PCA and many more

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Database Connectors and Data Analysis Chains

The Enterprise Release of Grapheme includes dedicated connectors to external data-sources such as SQL databases:

the Database Explorer module easily imports data from SQL databases (PostGres, SqLite, MySql, Firebird, Oracle, ...)

the Data Analysis Taskflow enables you to visually chain analysis tasks extracting meaningful information in few clicks

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