Unlock the power of your data to make informed decisions and to improve your process.

Intuitive and Effective Data Visualization, Regressions, Clustering, Statistical Analysis and Six Sigma made Easy.
Evaluation chains and database connectors to master Big Data


Grapheme the intuitive and powerful data visualisation and statistical analysis tool.

Grapheme brings you advanced data filtering and manipulation capabilities along with interactive and very responsive plotting functionalities which enable you exploring and understanding arbitrary complex and large sets of data.

Key Benefits:

  • get noticed with modern, clean and effective 2D and 3D interactive charts;
  • easy to use, intuitive and flexible Graphical Interface;
  • advanced Statistical Analysis panels, including Six-Sigma, Clustering and Regressions algorithms;
  • Design of Experiments and Response Surface Methodologies;
  • import data from several file formats: flat, CSV, Matlab, Excel, Access;
  • SQL Database Connector(s) to import data directly from SQL databases, including Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, Postgres and many others;
  • GUI based data analysis workflow to stream and manipulate input data;
  • no training required to become proficient in using Grapheme;
  • no maintenance overheads and free updates and bug-fixes on perpetual license schemes
  • capability to handle sets of data that are too large for many other commercial solutions on the market


data visualization

Advanced Data Visualization

Within Grapheme, charts and tables are interconnected. This assures that charts are updated every time data are filtered or changed from within project Tables. Moving from this concept, Grapheme brings you fully interactive and responsive charting capabilities. Additionally, Grapheme enables data-mining thanks to:

  • Indexing: i.e. Grapheme capability to define an index between the rows of two or more tables, linking and gathering data together;
  • Metadata: i.e. Grapheme capability to link table rows with external data, such as images, files, etc.

Statistical analysis

Statistical Analysis and Six-Sigma Control Panels

The Statistical Analysis Module is designed to perform statistical analysis within Grapheme moving from the data stored in the project tables. The module is built around the concept of user friendly and intuitive Statistical Panels. Step-by-step Wizards guide the user in setting up and performing Statistical Analysis such as: Descriptive Analysis, One Sample T- and Z-Test, Two Samples T-Test, Correlation Analysis, Covariance Analysis, Normality Test, Paired T-Test, One way ANOVA, One way ANOVA test, Two way ANOVA.

Response Surfaces and Regression

Design of Experiments and Response Surfaces

The Response Surface Module allows defining Design of Experiments and creating Response Surfaces moving from the data stored in the project. User friendly and intuitive Wizards guide the user in the step-by-step creation and validation of Response Surfaces using the available best in class methodologies:

  • Design of Experiments: Box Behnken, D-Optimal, Latin Cubes, Latin Squares, Montecarlo, Sobol, Taguchi
  • Response Surfaces: K-Nearest, Kriging, Radial Basis Functions, Polynomial, Neural Networks

Data Analysis Chain

Data Analysis Chains

Grapheme brings you – as part of the Professional and Enterprise Editions – easy-to-use and well documented tools to work with external data sources. Our Data Analysis Taskflow allows you to chain data manipulation tasks on imported data. Thanks to this chaining technology you will be able to visually manipulate huge set of data so to extract and visualize meaningful set of information. With the data analysis Taskflow you will be in control of your data, in real time, without need to be a proficient data-analyst or developer. Data analysis has never been so easy.


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