About The Project

The goal of Fast RTM is to provide a tool for fast and reliable Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) manufacturing simulations. You can download our alpha release for free HERE

Resin Transfer Molding is a composite plastics manufacturing process that uses fiberglass, carbon, or other dry fiber reinforcements. It is used in many industries among which aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, building and construction as well as consumer products ranging from exterior panels, wind deflectors, wing farm blades, interiors of automotive, aircraft, and watercraft to chemical resistant testing chambers fire safety doors, mobile caddies and stations. One of the main disadvantages of RTM is the need of trial and error attempts to achieve the quality and the shape of the part to be manufactured.

With Fast RTM, we intends to innovate the way small and medium Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) manufacturers will design molded parts via faster and more accurate prediction of the manufacturing process (injection and curing) so to increase their competitiveness on the international market and to drastically reduce material waste and environment footprint.

The project started the 1st April 2017 and will stand 24 months, ending by the 31 March 2019

The project is organized in three main work packages (WP):

  1. Experimental Test Campaign: lead by Wilson Benesch, this WP will provide test evidences to validate and benchmark the FastRTM software against real-world test cases. The WP includes:
    • simple coupons
    • complex coupons
  2. Formulation and Validation of Theoretical Models: lead by University of Bristol, this WP aims to move the current FEM modeling standard (high fidelity simulation) a step forward using super-element formulations to have faster (even is possibly less accurate) prediction of RTM infusion processes.
  3. Development of FastRTM Software: lead by iChrome, this WP aims at developing and deploying a software package easy to use to the RTM designer community. Final deliverable will be a fully working prototype to the tool.