Nexus Light versions for Ansys and Femap

In the pursuit of delivering cutting-edge technologies to Small Enterprise, iChrome is proud to announce new light versions of Nexus for Ansys Workbench and Nastran Desktop (Femap).

These light versions have been specifically designed to help SME firms to unlock their resources and to innovate their product levering virtual prototyping and numerical optimisation.
Light versions brings to final users the full power and flexibility of the Nexus Suite when performing trade-off and optimisation studies integrating with Ansys Workbench and Femap at a very affordable price (*).

Get in contact with us today if you wish more information about this Nexus offering.

Nexus v2.8 Light – linking Ansys Workbench

Nexus v2.8 Light – linking Ansys Workbench


(*)when running light versions, limitations apply on the number of concurrent evaluations that the Nexus scheduler can submit