Nexus Design Explorer

Data exploration, data visualization and data mining has never been so easy in Nexus.

Advanced Data-Mining

Reactive Data Filtering and Visualization

Advanced Data Filtering and Visualization

Users operate on Tables of Data via Simple and Effective Wizards. Nexus Tables are as flexible as effective allowing you to find the best solutions among large sets of data in few seconds. With few click of your mouse you can:

  • filter results, create dynamic views, extract sub-tables or create new ones by merging operations;
  • create derived columns, trend lines, clustering and arbitrary regressions;
  • visualize results via a vast set of available chart templates for fast, user friendly and effective interpretation of results

Result Selection and Highlight

Realtime solution explorer

Indexing, Selection and Highlight

Within Nexus results are available as soon as computed and automatically indexed to assure reactive monitoring via dynamic tables and charts.
Result points can be selected and highlighted for further post-processing of relevant meta-data, these including:

  • objective and constraint values as defined in each optimization tasks;
  • raw result files coming from external solvers;
  • images optionally produced by external solvers;
  • CAE results via the Nexus embedded CAE-Viewer

Seamless CAE-Integration

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Embedded CAE-Viewer

When using CAE-based Direct Integration Nodes, the CAE-Viewer embedded in Nexus anables a seamless visualization of results via advanced 3D model rendering.
Through an intuitive and user friendly interface, CAE Viewer helps you to visualize and share results from FEM and CFD solvers directly importing meshes and preselected results from common supported solvers.