Shaper for RTM – Alpha version released for free

We are proud to announce a FREE ALPHA release of our Resin Transfer Molding simulation software as part of the Innovate UK FastRTM project.

Fast RTM solver

Fast RTM is a collaborative research project of iChrome, Wilson Benesch, the University of Bristol under Innovate UK Technology Program.

With Fast RTM, we intends to innovate the way small and medium Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) manufacturers will design molded parts via faster and more accurate prediction of the manufacturing process (injection and curing) so to increase their competitiveness on the international market and to drastically reduce material waste and environment footprint.

The goal of Fast RTM is to develop and deploy a software package easy to use to the RTM designer community.

You can:

  • find more information about the FastRTM project in HERE
  • have a look at some preliminary results and benchmark simulation HERE
  • download the free alpha version of FastRTM along with a beta version of the CAE Viewer to visualize results from HERE