Structural Analysis

Stability and Post-bucklingStability and Post-buckling

Stability and Post-buckling

Design of thin walled structures with a focus on stability and large deformation fields. Buckling and post-buckling simulations including shape imperfections, material non-linearity and progressive damage



Structural assessment and lay-up optimization of complex composite structures including manufacturing constraints, numerical-experimental correlations, progressive failures, delaminations and crack propagation.

Thermal AnalysisThermal Analysis

Thermal Analysis

Heat-transfer and Thermodynamic analysis services, including coupled thermal-mechanical simulations on complex assemblies such as satellites, industrial heating exchangers, pressurized vessels and nuclear shielding structures.

Manufacturing SimulationsManufacturing Simulations

Manufacturing Simulations

High fidelity simulations for Machining, Milling, Welding and Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) accounting for thermal-induced distortions, residual stresses and localized plastic strains.



Design and analysis of energy absorption structures in metallic and composite materials, post-impact residual strength and survivability assessment, debris and ballistic simulations.

Structural OptimizationStructural Optimization

Structural Optimization

Multidisciplinary optimization on composite and metallic structures. Trade-off and sensitivity studies based on Finite Element Methods (FEM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) parametric models, 3D and 2D topology, size and shape optimizations.