Partners - iChrome

Strategic partnerships is how we do business and
our success strongly depends on our partners.

iChrome are proud to have established long term cooperation with other strategic partners.

ASIMPTOTE provides top level expertise in all aspects of modelling, optimization and design of energy systems and components. The company emerged from the collaboration of internationally renowned energy technology researchers and still operates in close contact with leading experts from academia and research institutes. ASIMPTOTE collaborates with iChrome in the field of design optimization of turbomachinery and energy systems in general. For more information visit
Cilea CILEA and iChrome launched a long term collaboration to promote, develop and use Nexus on High Performance Computing (HPC) systems of CILEA. This agreement aims to provide the users of CILEA’s super-computing facilities additional services to achieve their objectives in research and production, thanks to a modern approach to optimization and process integration. For more information visit
Vicoter Snc Vicoter has a strong background in planning through to the execution of static, fatigue, vibration, stability and acoustic structural tests using the most advanced equipment. iChrome and Vicoter have joined forces to provide their customers services such as virtual prototyping, real-world testing and validation. More information about Vicoter’s capabilities can be found at