Nexus Main Features

Process IntegrationProcess Integration

Process Integration

Process Integration is a very important part of Optimization. So Nexus is designed to be flexible and simple to use when it comes to linking with third party applications via its Direct Integration Nodes.

Result VisualizationResult Visualization

Result Visualization

Nexus manages, organizes and explores results via advanced data filtering, visualization and chart templates. Enabling the user to quickly understand the design results and make the important decisions.

Optimization AlgorithmsOptimization Algorithms

Optimization Algorithms

With more than 20 Optimization Algorithms, Nexus brings you the state of the art in Numerical Optimization covering single and multi-objective problems.

Design of ExperimentsDesign of Experiments

Design of Experiments

Nexus uses the most advanced algorithms for the Design of Experiments (DoE) such as Latin Squares, Latin Hypercubes, Taguchi, D-Optimal and many more.

Response SurfacesResponse Surfaces

Response Surfaces

Neural Networks, K-Nearest, RBF, Kriging are but a few examples of the available Response Surfaces in Nexus. These can be used from within Nexus or as a standalone function during the analysis.

Anova and Statistic AnalysisAnova and Statistic Analysis

Anova and Statistic Analysis

The Statistics Toolbox provides the functionality to perform analysis of variance (ANOVA) and other statistical analyses on imported sets of data and result tables with a minimum of fuss.

Distributed SchedulingDistributed Scheduling

Distributed Scheduling

The Distributed Scheduler of Nexus allows concurrent evaluations with real-time monitoring and full control on available hardware and software resources.

CAD/CAM IntegrationCAD/CAM Integration

CAD/CAM Integration

Direct Integration Nodes allow CAD, FEM and CFD solvers to be easily embedded in Nexus’ design process such as NX®, Catia®, Abaqus®, Nastran®, Radioss®, Ansys®, StartCCM+® (read more…).

Microsoft Office IntegrationMicrosoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office Integration

Among the many Direct Integration Nodes, Nexus integrates directly with Microsoft Excel® and Access® as part of the design process.

Other Direct Evaluation NodesOther Direct Evaluation Nodes

Other Direct Evaluation Nodes

General purpose evaluation nodes enable you to link to almost any third party application, Matlab®, Scilab®, Python®, Java®, Flowmaster®, MoldFlow® are just a few examples. (read more…)

SDK – Embedding NexusSDK – Embedding Nexus

SDK – Embedding Nexus

The SDK library extends Nexus’ capabilities and allows users to write their own evaluation nodes, optimization procedures and embedding & re-distributing Nexus as part of an internally developed application.

Toolbox for MatlabToolbox for Matlab

Toolbox for Matlab

The Nexus Toolbox for Matlab® enables users to call Nexus optimization algorithms from within Matlab® in an easy and straightforward fashion.