Nexus Main Features

Process IntegrationProcess Integration

Process Integration

Result VisualizationResult Visualization

Result Visualization

Optimization AlgorithmsOptimization Algorithms

Optimization Algorithms

Design of ExperimentsDesign of Experiments

Design of Experiments

Response SurfacesResponse Surfaces

Response Surfaces

Anova and Statistic AnalysisAnova and Statistic Analysis

Anova and Statistic Analysis

Distributed SchedulingDistributed Scheduling

Distributed Scheduling

CAD/CAM IntegrationCAD/CAM Integration

CAD/CAM Integration

Microsoft Office IntegrationMicrosoft Office Integration

Microsoft Office Integration

Other Direct Evaluation NodesOther Direct Evaluation Nodes

Other Direct Evaluation Nodes

SDK – Embedding NexusSDK – Embedding Nexus

SDK – Embedding Nexus

Toolbox for MatlabToolbox for Matlab

Toolbox for Matlab