About iChrome

About iChrome - iChrome

iChrome is an engineering company inspired by innovation in simulation driven design and analysis. iChrome was founded to share its expertise in the area of computer aided engineering (CAE). Specializing in Structural Analysis, Fluid Dynamics and Design Optimization.

Our Mission is to,

  • provide innovative and creative solutions to the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) community, bringing ideas to reality however complex they may initially seem
  • develop new methods and tools to integrate third party software and optimize simulation driven designs. Therefore unifying and automating the design cycle, reducing the time taken to reach the end goal
  • deliver a superior customer support service including, in times of difficulty, going the extra mile to help achieve customer deadlines. Therefore building a bond of trust that iChrome will deliver whatever the timescales

iChrome was founded in Bristol, United Kingdom in 2009.