Structural Analysis

Simulating reality

At iChrome we believe know-how, ideas and people make the difference.
That is why our team of engineers is highly qualified and has a strong industrial background in the use of the most advanced FE commercial software in the automotive, aerospace and naval fields.

We can help you solve many structural design problems including:

  • linear non-linear analyses on large scale models for automotive and aerospace applications using commercial state of the art against stiffness, strength requirements including instability (buckling and post-buckling), progressive failures and damages;
  • analysis of composite structure including thick composite parts, joints and cohesive zones
  • crashworthiness, impact and vulnerability analyses for energy absorbing structures both in metallic and composite materials including residual and post-impact strength
  • trade-off studies and weight reduction campaign including topology, size and shape or parametric optimization
  • linear and non-linear thermo-mechanical analyses of complex structural assemblies under pressure and thermal loads (stress linearization, ASME, EN 13445)
  • linear and non-linear checks of joints, welding and bolting lines
  • fatigue assessment and verification

Fluid Dynamics

Cutting Edge Technologies

At iChrome we know CFD is a powerful enabler to shape your ideas. That is why all our CFD engineers have solid background in Fluid Mechanics and Numerical Analysis.
We can help you to successfully integrate CFD analyses into your design process and to develop customized solutions to target your specific needs.

We work across a wide range of industrial applications to bring the benefits of CFD to our clients:

  • external incompressible and compressible flow simulations for aerospace, automotive, naval and power generation applications;
  • fluid-structure interactions and thermo-aeroelasticity analyses with dynamic and morphed meshes;
  • heat transfer and internal combustion using equilibrium and non-equilibrium chemistry models;
  • multiphase flows;
  • solidification/melting and liquid spray evaporation

Software Development

Cutting Edge Technologies

At iChrome we have the right mindset to capture and to shape your requirements into reliable and effective Software solutions.
We have a proven track-record of success stories of process integration and achieved performance improvements.

We have a dedicated team of Software and Industrial Engineers working together to bring you cutting edge software solutions at affordable price:

  • as we understand your industrial needs, we know how to capture and transform these in effective Software solutions as we have a sound background in complex and industrial software product development;
  • as we have in-depth knowledge of engineering analysis programmes (CAD, FEM and CFD), we can help you automating and integrating these in complex procedures. Does not really matter if you have a cad-centric or an analysis-centric approach, either case we can help you to tailor and push it forward;
  • we master the most advanced scripting and programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Fortran, Python, Matlab, VB and we have a proved background in Engineering and Numerical Analysis.