ANSA and GT-SUITE Direct Integration Nodes within Nexus

iChrome is proud to announce new Direct Integration Nodes(*) to ANSA and GT-SUITE as part of Nexus v.2.6. These allow to link native ANSA ()Beta  CAE) and GT-SUITE model making even easier exchanging data between your engineering software solutions.

ANSA Direct Integration Node

ANSA Direct Integration Node in Nexus

ANSA Direct Integration Node in Nexus

ANSA is a CAE pre-processing system for Finite Element and CFD Analysis that integrates functionality for full-model build up, from CAD data to ready-to-run solver input file for numerous analysis codes. It provides a complete mesh generation environment and multidisciplinary pre-processing and analysis tools.

The ANSA Direct Integration Node allows users to easily integrate native ANSA models, to explore and modify parameters and integrate ANSA meshing capabilities in your design process.

GT-SUITE Direct Integration Node


GT-SUITE Direct Integration Node in Nexus

GT-SUITE Direct Integration Node in Nexus

GT-SUITE is a simulation software tool with capabilities and libraries aimed at wide variety of applications in automotive engineering and beyond.  It includes a complete library of physics based modeling templates covering fluid flow, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemistry, and controls. In addition, higher level modeling templates are available that are specifically designed for applications in the engine and vehicle industries.

Taking advantage of GT-SUITE Direct Integration Node, Nexus users will be able to fully integrate GT-SUITE native models, modify parameters and access GT-SUITE results with few clicks of their mouse

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(*) Follow this link for a list of Third Party Application successfully linked within Nexus