Nexus v.2.7 released

We are proud to announce the release of Nexus v.2.7. This latest version of our Process Integration and Multi-Disciplinary optimization suite includes, among other minor improvements, a new Design Explorer module enabling advanced data-mining and interactive FEA model visualization.

What’s new in Nexus 2.7

  • the new Design Explorer module allows users to explore their design space and preview CAE results in real time. Design space filtering strategies and dynamic data visualizations embedding FEA and CFD 3D preview are powerful enablers to identify the most promising solutions with few clicks of the mouse.
  • New Design Explorer module within Nexus v2.7

    New Design Explorer module within Nexus v2.7

  • the new Direct Integration Node for Femap (Nastran Desktop) further expands the list of Direct Integration Nodes(*) for third parties application already available within Nexus.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us ( if you need additional information on this new release before updating your product(**) or installing this latest version.

(*) Follow this link for a list of Third Party Application successfully linked within Nexus Flowcharts.
(**) New license features may be required.