Nexus v.2.8 released

At iChrome, we are proud to announce a release of Nexus: Nexus v.2.8.

This latest version of our Process Integration and Multi-Disciplinary optimization suite brings you Python and JavaScript functionalities directly within the main Graphical Interface.

GUI Scripting within Nexus v2.8

Gui Scripting within Nexus v2.8

Users can now write and execute scripts to create, import, combine and operate with table data and charts. Post-processing and editing results have never been so easy and user friendly.
Among other minor enhancement, version 2.8 brings you:

Smarter Design Explorer

Version 2.8 brings significant performance improvements when using the design explorer module to query large set of data and to pre-viewing CAE model.

Nexus v2.8 – linking Ansys Workbench

Ligher Versions available for Femap and Ansys Workbench

In the pursuit of delivering cutting-edge technologies to Small Enterprise, iChrome is proud to announce two new so-called light versions of Nexus for Ansys Workbench and Nastran Desktop (Femap), respectively.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team or our representatives to have more information about this new release of Nexus