Nexus v.3.0 released

We are proud to announce the release of Nexus v.3.0, our intuitive and powerful Process Integration and Optimization framework.

Triggered by the unintuitive and high costs of existing design optimization software applications, iChrome set about developing a more user friendly and affordable optimization solution.
Nexus v.3.0 pursuits our mission and deliver even Highest Standards in Process Integration and Optimization.

What’s new in Nexus 3.0

This new release of Nexus brings you new exciting features to better help you exploring and visualizing your data:

  • Ascii Navigator: an even more friendly and powerful editor for Nexus scripting with autocomplete, help on line, new debugging features and functionalities;
  • Chart Library: a brand new charting library now allowing pinned tooltip, annotations and real-time real-time data filtering. Improved and easier visualization of task results and optimization results;
  • Updated Direct Integration nodes:: PTC Parametric has been added to the available Direct Integration nodes, many drivers updated to support latest versions of third party applications;
  • Improved Flowchart:: evaluation nodes have been redesigned to become self-contained, more user-friendly and portable across different projects;

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us ( if you need additional information on this new release before installing.