Nexus 3.1 released

Nexus version 3.1 has now been released and available for download and update.

What’s new in Nexus 3.1

Nexus v.3.1 brings you the following major new features:

  • Robust Optimization: new Robust Optimization algorithms and features including:
    • Robust Variables, Constraints and Objectives
    • dedicated Robust Optimization procedures (Simplex. Moga, Soga)
    • direct uncertainty sampling (latincube, etc), Polynomial chaos, fast (Kriging) sampling
  • Sensitivity and Robustness Analysis Panels: Sensitivity analysis panels have been added as part of Design Explorer module to easily assess the design space (correlation, sensitivity, robustness analysis on available solutions).


  • Single Node Debugging: each evaluation node now support so-called single test-run to debug execution and results on the fly, without requiring to lock license tokens and resources.


  • Automated Project Reporting: a new Tool has been added to allow extracting data from existing projects and organizing those in Html self contained reports. Reports can thus be archived and shared.


Follow this link to get more information about Nexus main features and capabilities.