TSB Award

UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) award iChrome a grant to develop the latest technology in the field of computational mesh morphing. TSB sees innovation as vital for business growth around the world, and iChrome’s philosophy on innovation led services and solutions matches this belief.

Shaper is an advanced 3D mesh morphing tool for computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications.
Shaper allows users to efficiently re-shape and re-size three-dimensional computer models used for structural and fluid-dynamics simulations, which are extensively used during the design phase of new products in the aerospace, automotive and renewable energy industry.

Shaper provides a novel approach to mesh morphing by combining classic morphing techniques with innovative algorithms recently developed in the computer graphics field, thus resulting in a more powerful tool than similar products already available in the market.

A key aspect of Shaper is its open architecture: the implemented mesh morphing techniques are completely independent from the underlying computer model used and hence the product will be able to support any of the structural and computational fluid-dynamics software available on the market. In fact, through the use of public API (Application Programming Interfaces), users can easily integrate Shaper into their existing design procedures, which, in turn, will result in a significant reduction of the development time of a new product and hence of project costs. This is extremely beneficial to the design cycle of a new product, especially when the complexity of the project requires a computationally intensive, time-consuming, iterative optimisation of the initial design.