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Tidal turbine rotor blade design using Nexus

Nexus has been selected by Digital Engineering to optimize the design process of the next generation of tidal turbine rotor blades

iChrome, a leading provider of engineering services and optimization solutions, announced today that Digital Engineering have selected Nexus, as their design optimization and process integration solution of choice.
Nexus, provides the latest standard in advanced numerical optimization, through a flexible and reliable framework to integrate design processes, as well as organizing, managing and solving complex design tasks. Mauro Arruda, Director ...

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Nexus v2.2.1 released

iChrome is proud to announce the release of Nexus v2.2.1 providing more advanced chart templates and result post processing tools, leading to an easier and more effective result interpretation.
Download the installer from the download area of our website or use the Software Updating tools in the main menu of Nexus.

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TSB Award

UK’s Technology Strategy Board (TSB) award iChrome a grant to develop the latest technology in the field of computational mesh morphing. TSB sees innovation as vital for business growth around the world, and iChrome’s philosophy on innovation led services and solutions matches this belief.

Shaper is an advanced 3D mesh morphing tool for computer-aided engineering (CAE) applications.
Shaper allows users to efficiently re-shape and re-size three-dimensional computer models used for structural and fluid-dynamics simulations, which are extensively ...

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