CATIA and SolidWorks Direct Integration Nodes within Nexus

iChrome is proud to announce new Direct Integration Nodes to CATIA and SolidWorks as part of Nexus v.2.4 (*). These will allow users to explore and modify parameters of native CATIA and Solidworks models making even easier integrating CAD and CAE models in your design process.

Nexus WorkFlow - CATIA integration node

Nexus WorkFlow – CATIA integration node

The CATIA and SolidWorks nodes enable designers to select and modify CAD properties, update native models, running pre-registered macros and extracting geometric parameters (such as mass, areas, volumes, inertia, etc) and other information with few clicks of their mouse directly from within Nexus.

The following clip shows the main capabilities of the direct integration node by easy integrating a CATIA model within Nexus.

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(*) Follow this link for a list of Third Party Application successfully linked within Nexu