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COMSOL Multiphysics Direct Integration Node within Nexus

iChrome is proud to announce new Direct Integration Node to COMSOL Multiphysics as part of Nexus v.2.5.

The COMSOL Multiphysics Node allows users to explore and modify Parameters and Probes of native COMSOL models making even easier integrating COMSOL Multiphysics solutions within Nexus with few click of your mouse.
All this without compromising your freedom to implement more specific integrations via Advanced Integration editing of COMSOL scripting if you wish to do so.

The node strengths the list ...

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CADfix Direct Integration Node within Nexus

iChrome is proud to announce a new Direct Integration Node (*) to CADfix as part of Nexus.
This allows CADfix users to leverage the advanced features of CADfix to repair and prepare CAD models, removing barriers that may prevent the use of pre-existing solid models within integrated and automated design process software such as Nexus.
CADfix provides an extensive set of geometry manipulation tools for importing CAD/CAM/CAE data, repairing, simplifying and conditioning the geometry for different analysis applications, ...

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Nexus has been selected by Piaggio Aero S.p.A. as design optimization and process integration solution

iChrome, a leading provider of engineering consulting services and optimization, is proud to announce that Piaggio Aero Industries a leading aeronautics firm, has selected Nexus as design optimization and process integration solution.

Piaggio Aero will make use of Nexus as preferred solution to perform advanced CFD and multi-physic optimization and trade-off studies as part of their design process to achieve better performances and to save time. Nexus provides the highest standard in multi-disciplinary and multi-objective ...

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Ansys Workbench Direct Integration Node within Nexus

iChrome is proud to announce the new Direct Integration Node (*) to Ansys Workbench Platform as part of Nexus v2.4. This will allow users to integrate entire Ansys multiphysics analyses and simulation processes within Nexus with few clicks of their mouse. Exploring and modifying parameters of native Ansys Workbench Platform models, including CAD geometry dimensions, material properties and boundary conditions directly from within Nexus has never been so easy!

The following clip shows the main capabilities of ...

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Nexus advanced plotting functionalities: regression lines and clustering charts

Nexus, the iChrome’s process integration and optimization software solution, has been enhanced with further advanced plotting functionalities including user-defined regression and clustering algorithms expanding the already extensive set of 2D and 3D chart templates.

The new plotting functionalities will allow Nexus users to dynamically explore and estimate relationships among arbitrary complex sets of data with the use of advanced data manipulation and statistic tools making even easier monitoring results on the fly.

The new regression lines and clustering chart template ...

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SolidEdge Direct Integration Node within Nexus

iChrome and Cosmos Italia are proud to announce the release of the SolidEdge Direct Integration Node which expands Nexus CAD/CAE library (*) recently updated with the introduction of Catia and SolidWorks nodes (read more).

Taking advantage of SolidEdge Direct Integration Node, Nexususers will be able to fully integrate SolidEdge native models with few clicks of their mouse and  link SolidEdge models to any Nexus CAE node such as Ansys, Abaqus and Nastran ...

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New Nexus high performance chart library

Nexus releases its new high performance chart library: bubble charts with half million points drawn in a matter of milliseconds on simple laptops. At iChrome we are proud of this performance achievement and we believe this puts Nexus in the very short pool of data charting Software capable to handle so large set of data on the fly.

The new charting library will be released as part of Nexus v.2.4.0

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CATIA and SolidWorks Direct Integration Nodes within Nexus

iChrome is proud to announce new Direct Integration Nodes to CATIA and SolidWorks as part of Nexus v.2.4 (*). These will allow users to explore and modify parameters of native CATIA and Solidworks models making even easier integrating CAD and CAE models in your design process.

The CATIA and SolidWorks nodes enable designers to select and modify CAD properties, update native models, running pre-registered macros and extracting geometric parameters (such as mass, areas, volumes, inertia, etc) and other information with ...

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Announcing new partnerships: Cosmos Italia

Italy based Cosmos Italia have agreed to market and support Nexus, iChrome’s multi-disciplinary and multi-objective process integration and optimization solution.

Ivano Tanturli, Cosmos President and Co-Founder explains “Cosmos Italia was looking for an optimization solution (multi products and multi objectives) to complete its portfolio of simulation related products, therefore meeting the demands from their high technologically minded customers”. Ivano adds “After an exhaustive search, Cosmos Italia selected the Nexus solution as it met all our ...

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Nexus v2.3.0 released

We are proud to announce the release of Nexus v2.3.0 – our latest version of the multi-disciplinary and multi-objective design optimization solution. iChrome continues to innovate Nexus with the aim to help customers alleviate the ever growing pressures to get the design right the first time, create the best design and get the product to market before the competitors do.

What’s new:

  • Beta version release of direct integration nodes (1) for Abaqus, Nastran and Optistruct
  • Improved table ...
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