02.09.2015 – Webinar: Design Optimization within Nexus

Also this year iChrome offers a series of free webinars on Nexus and how designers and engineers can use iChrome optimization solution to improve their design as well as automate and combine different process to optimize their design cycles.

This year, the Nexus webinars address the following topics:

  • RESPONSE SURFACE & DATA MINING – Wednesday, May 27th
    With more than ten different Response Surface Methodologies including RBFs and Neural Networks, the Response Surface Toolbox of Nexus is one of the more advanced available on the market. The webinar addresses basic and advanced methodologies to explore and validate Response Surface within Nexus along with usefull insights on data exploration and data mining
  • CAD & CAE INTEGRATION – Wednesday, September 2nd and Wednesday, September 16th
    Within Nexus you can integrate external processes and exchange data with third party applications with just few clicks of your mouse. A fast-growing library of Direct Evaluation Nodes allows you to directly call the most common third CAD and CAE applications such as Nastran, Abaqus, Fluent, Ansys, Catia, Solidwork and many more. The webinar gives an overview of Nexus CAD and CAE Direct Integrasion nodes by using selected examples.
  •  ROBUST OPTIMIZATION – Wednesday, December 2nd
    Many of the optimization problems in science and engineering involve uncertainties. Solutions to these problems can present remarkable sensitivity to perturbations in the parameters of the problem, which could possibly invalidate the whole optimization process and prevent you from producing reliable results. The webinar addresses basic and advanced methodologies to control uncertainty-affected optimization problems within Nexus.

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