Grapheme 2.5 released

We are proud to announce the release of Grapheme v. 2.5, our intuitive and powerful data visualization and analysis tool.

What’s new in Grapheme 2.5

This new release brings you improved ata Analysis taskflow and scripting API:

  • new Set Operation evaluation node to merge, intersect and subtract set of data within the data-analysis workflow;
  • new Join Operation evaluation node to perform outer join operations on multiple sets of data;
  • new Percentile evaluation to filter and propagate only user-defined percentiles of data within complex data-analysis chains;
  • new Timed Result nodes to trigger updates and automatic execution of analysis chain when specific events occur, such as timers or changes in file and data source contents;

Grapheme’s Key Features:

  • import data from several file formats: flat, CSV, Matlab, Excel, Access.
  • import data directly from SQL databases, including Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, Postgres and many others.
  • interactive and integrated workspaces to bind and collect data sources, tables and charts within single projects.
  • advanced statistics and data manipulation tools, including user-defined regression and clustering algorithms.
  • a comprehensive set of 2D and 3D chart templates including lines, scatters, bubbles, bars, pies, surfaces, radars, parallel coordinates and many more.