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Nexus 3.3 released

Nexus version 3.3 has now been released and available for download and update.

What’s new in Nexus 3.3

nexus v.3.3

Nexus v.3.3 brings you the following major new features:

  • New Direct Integration Nodes:
    • Autodesk Inventor direct integration nodes
    • AspenOne v11 and AspenEDR 11 direct integration nodes
  • General Improvements::
    • Design Explorer perspective further improved
    • Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm improvements

    Follow this link to get more information about Nexus main features and capabilities.

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Grapheme 2.5 released

We are proud to announce the release of Grapheme v. 2.5, our intuitive and powerful data visualization and analysis tool.

What’s new in Grapheme 2.5

This new release brings you improved ata Analysis taskflow and scripting API:

  • new Set Operation evaluation node to merge, intersect and subtract set of data within the data-analysis workflow;
  • new Join Operation evaluation node to perform outer join operations on multiple sets of data;
  • new Percentile evaluation to filter ...
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